Thursday, February 4, 2010


How to use it
SCAMPER is an acronym for useful list of words that can be applied as stimuli to make you think differently about the problem area.
What can be substituted? What can be used instead? Who else instead?
Ways: Instead of ... I can ...
What can you combine or bring together? How about a mixture? 
Ways: I can bring together ... and ... to ...
What can you adapt for use as a solution?What other idea does this suggest? What could I copy and who could I emulate?
Ways: I can adapt ... in this way ... to ...
Can you change the item in some way? Change meaning, colour, motion, sound, smell, form, shape? Other changes?
Ways: I can change ... in this way ... to ...
Put to other uses
How can you put the thing to different or other uses? New ways to use as is? Other uses if it is modified?
Ways: I can re-use ... in this way ...  by ...
What can you eliminate? Remove something? Eliminate waste? Reduce time? Reduce effort? Cut costs?
I can eliminate ... by ...
What can be rearranged in some way.
I can rearrange ... like this ... such that ...
When to use it
Use it to discover more ideas when you are running out.
Use it to stimulate new ways of thinking about the problem, perhaps to kick you out of your current string of thought.

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