Friday, January 22, 2010

Analysis of theme

The mind map focuses on too many points. The ideas are too vauge. The root cause is that there are too many ideas being branched out. This problem should be addressed as if we do not do so our ideas will be too general and not elaborated on. We can focus on one or two points only so that our presentation is focused and is not too vauge.

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  1. P.I.E.S

    -Vending machine for snacks and tidbits

    -Enclosed Area to block out the rain

    -Doors open when bus arrives

    -Water Cooler

    -Reading materials

    -Pre-paid Telephone



    -Postcard Rack

    -Yellow line to warn the pedestrians not to go to close to the road

    -A sign board to show the routes in which the following buses are taking

    -a banner seated at the train station on arriving trains

    -free internet connection

    -classical music for relaxation